Thierry Mugler-Angel [Review]

It’s the day and age of advertisements. We have seen enough through television, hoardings, flyers, newspapers etc. and heard lots on radio. Imagine branding and Advertisements just for the smartphones. Thierry Mugler has come up with an interesting concept of branding its perfume Angel.

Thierry Mugler is a French fashion designer and the App Thierry Mugler–Angel is an app about branding of the perfume ANGEL. The design and concept of branding is very good and eye catching. The lovely Eva Mendes being the brand ambassador helps it being more impactful.

The App starts with creating your dream by selecting stars from the angel sky. The words you select shows a video matching them. There are a wide range of stars that you can select and see different videos which are basically a set of pictures played in motion.

You can also create a constellation by selecting the stars in the form of words that define your mood for the day. The app has Behind the scene video of the Eva Mendes advert which is the highlight of the app. The last two pages are the revenue point. they show case the Angel range of perfumes and has the store locator option as well. The former makes it quite helpful to select a perfume of your choice. Further, the App also explains the fragrances vividly, the concept behind the fragrance and the shape of the bottles and its significance is also explained.
With the help of Store Locator, the nearest store from where you can buy your Angel perfume can be known Or if you can’t wait to buy then you can order online from your device.

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