“Thousand Apps!” on one page, the Million Dollar Homepage for Apps.

Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? Well now there’s a similar thing, but for iPhone apps!

Mika Letki and Danilo Yasuno have carefully placed thousand 30 by 30 smiley faced icons on their website ThousandApps.com. After we took notice of this almost half the page was already filled with icons from iPhone App developers. Even some better known apps are promoted on the page like Geared, Tap Forms and Steam, so I guess you could say the iPhone development community has faith in this project.

It might seem crazy and some will say that it’s not going to be successful. But considering the site has only just been created and is already filled quite nicely with all kinds of apps and also considering that you can get a 30 by 30 spot for 5€ (6,30$) they must have made an estimate 3.150 dollars by now, which is not bad for a project that only just started.

As I mentioned above interested developers can still reserve their spot in this interesting and unique project for 5€.

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