Three owners Sue Apple for overheated iPad, blame ads

Could Apple ads hyping all the places you can use your iPad be to blame for overheating? Three discontented users think so and are taking their complaints to court. Complainant’s Jacob Balthazar, Claudia Keller and John Browning claim those commercials influenced their decisions to buy an iPad.

Three iPad owners are suing Apple because their iPads overheated during use outdoors during the summer, and now have amended their original complaints to include Apple’s TV and internet commercial.

According to the complaint, “Apple released a commercial depicting use of the iPad in various places, including outdoor locations such as a sidewalk cafe, front steps of a building, and on a grassy lawn, among others. Apple also posted a commercial on its website depicting the iPad being used in a variety of ways, including outdoors while affixed to the dashboard of a car and the gas tank of a motorcycle.”

The complaint continues, “Less than a month after purchase, Plaintiff Claudia Keller attempted to use the iPad outdoors next to her pool in an ambient temperature of less than 90 degrees. After less than 5 minutes of use, the device displayed an overheating message and then shut-down.”

Now Apple has offers each claimants a replacement iPad.


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