Three universities lets students use iPhone and Apple Watch as their campus ID card

Apple announced new contactless ID card partners introduced in iOS 12 and watchOS 5. With, students at Duke University, University of Alabama, and the University of Oklahoma added with their ID card to the Apple Wallet app on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Students thus can use, contactless NFC readers, for their digital ID card. Hence one can access dorms, dining halls, library, and the gym. Thus one can use it to pay for bookstore supplies, laundry usage, and restaurant meals.

Apple slowly expands the capabilities of Apple Wallet, where contactless payments at retailers. Hence there are offers, one has with Apple Pay on the web, Apple Pay transit cards, store loyalty cards and now along with student ID cards.

Apple Wallet automatically knows what to do upon scanning, uses automatically associates the activity with the student’s account. The user enables Express Mode for their student ID cards, with Face ID and Touch ID authentication not required. Thus by holding the device near the reader is to unlock the door.