Thumbs up or down for Apple TV?

The San Francisco event saw the grand opening of the revamped Apple TV with a much smaller size and different color at it’s back. But this time I am worried whether will it work. Though the aluminum color looks amazing, there seems some problem with it.

See you know that the AirPlay allows iPads and iPhones to stream video other than iTunes media through Apple TV onto HDTVs. But there’s a good reason those iDevices go blank when Airplay starts slinging their movies up onto a connected television: latency. It doesn’t matter how smart Apple programmers are or how good your wireless connection is — there will be a delay between what’s on your handheld and what’s showing on your big screen, which means this isn’t a suitable workaround for playing Tap Tap Revenge at a mind-blowing 52 inches.

I have gone through many articles and found that Apple TV is nothing more than a rental box. Without storage capacity and the ability to add functionality — either through Apple or by other means — the new Apple TV is likely to fall short, too. Yet at $99, it may yet be a hit. But hits are only enough to keep you in the game.

So, let’s see how Apple proves itself against the critics.


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