Tim Cook Defends Foxconn’s Labor Practices In China

Tim Cook

At D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended Apple’s reliance on supply chains (read Foxconn) and its willingness to micromanage them when they fall short of expectations.

Cook said that no one else was measuring working hours in China, nor reporting on it. He said:

“We took a position to say we want to bring this down. We’re measuring working hours for 700,000 people.”

Cook said that Apple made efforts to bring the overtime down. However, he also pointed out that many workers there “want to work a whole lot because they want to move and work for a year or two and bring back as much money as they can to their village.”

Cook also mentioned that Apple decided a long time ago that they would not become a manufacturing company. He noted that this continues to be the perspective at Apple. He also mentioned that the “engine” of the iPad is made right in the US, noting that the the Corning glass is made in Kentucky.

Apple recently initiated the biggest supply chain audit of any tech company in history in association with The Fair Labor Association. Despite the media’s intense scrutiny of Apple’s working conditions at Foxconn, almost all technology companies have been using the same process to manufacture products for years.

Source: Cult Of Mac

Image Source – AllThingsD.com

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