Tim Cook On His First Four Months As Apple CEO

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Recently, Tim Cook was asked about his first four months as Apple’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Cook stressed that what he felt most is lucky to be surrounded by his talented colleagues.

When asked to asses himself, Cook pointed to the company’s just-reported sky-rocketing earnings.

“You can see our results,” Cook said during a conference call with analysts. “I think the team is doing a fantastic job. We feel really good about where we are.”

Apple’s profits for last quarter, at more than $13 billion, were more than what most tech giants report in revenue. This could probably be because of the record breaking sales of iPhone 4S which was launched in October 2011. Apple posted twice as much revenue and profit as Microsoft did in its holiday quarter. Apple’s quarterly iPhone sales, at more than 37 million smartphones, were numbers that its rivals would envy and desire to have for a year. And recent data for the US shows Apple alone nearly even with the entire Android world in market share.

Cook said that he wised to lead Apple in competition but he did not see Android as the only competitor. “I wouldn’t say it is a two-horse race,” he said. “There’s a horse in Redmond that always suits up and always runs.”

Speaking of tablets (possibly referring to iPad), Cook said that Apple would dominate the market despite the flood of would-be rivals. And that market, Cook noted, was huge and growing, recently surpassing the market for desktop PCs.

Last year, Cook said, was supposed to be “the year of the tablet.”

“I think most people will agree it was the year of the iPad for the second year in a row.” Cook said while talking about iPad’s position in the tablet market.

When asked where Apple is headed, Cook stuck to the company’s standard secretiveness. However, he did offer a few insights, at least geographically. He talked about the potential markets which could be considered as big markets like China, Brazil and India.

Cook also talked about Apple TV. Not mentioning any rumored plans for an Apple-badged television, Cook said the company sold 1.4 million Apple TV units in the December quarter, as compared to 2.8 million devices for the entire prior fiscal year. He said that additions and improvements would be made to Apple TV.

Source: All Things D

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