Apple CEO Tim Cook Tours iPhone Production Facility In China

Apple CEO Tim Cook at Zhengzhou iPhone plant

Earlier this week, we reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was visiting China. Everybody was wondering why he would have gone to China.

Bloomberg has reported that after making an appearance at the Xidan Joy City retail store in Beijing and meeting Chinese government officials, Tim Cook also toured a new iPhone production facility in Zhengzhou, China. This facility is run by Foxconn.

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook visited Foxconn Technology Group’s newly built manufacturing facility for the iPhone in Zhengzhou, China, as the U.S. company seeks to improve working conditions.

The iPhone production line is at the new Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park, which employs 120,000 people, Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based Apple spokeswoman, said in an e-mail today. She didn’t provide other details on Cook’s visit or say how much longer he’ll be in China after having held high-level talks in Beijing earlier this week.

China is a key location for Apple for a number of reasons. These reasons include China’s role in manufacturing and assembly, a desire to focus on expansion in the market there, and intellectual property issues. Cook’s trip appears to be addressing most of these aspects. It demonstrates continued concern over working conditions in its manufacturing partners’ plants while also working to build relationships with key political and business figures in the country.

Source: Mac Rumors

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