Tim Cook Reveals What S In iPhone 4S Means

Tim Cook D10 Conference

On 29 May 2012, Tim Cook spoke with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at D10 in California. Many interesting tidbits came up regarding Facebook, Apple TV sales, and the future of Siri.

Cook hinted during the interview that Apple would continue to improve Siri. He claimed that Apple had a large number of people working on it and that he thinks people “are going to be really pleased with where we take Siri.” Cook also revealed that the S in the iPhone 4S stands for Siri.

The interview at D10, later turned toward Facebook as well as Mossberg and Swisher asked Cook about the future of Facebook integration especially considering how intertwined Twitter currently is into iOS. Cook responded with a “stay tuned.” This response possibly hints at iOS 6’s integration with Facebook. Even the iOS 4 beta had some Facebook integration before Apple scrapped it in the final release.

Cook noted that Apple has sold 2.7 million Apple TVs in the first few months of this year. It has nearly surpassed last year’s total of 3 million.

Cook also repeated Steve Jobs’ comments that the Apple TV was uncharacteristic of Apple since they were not particularly a “hobby” company. However, but he did mention that “this is an area of intense interest for us.” Cook did not answer questions directly asking him about Apple’s plans in the TV market, explicitly. He simply said Apple was always look to control the “key technology” and “make a significant contribution beyond what others have done in this area.”

While Cook revealed no real details, reading between the lines, it is easy to surmise Apple has big plans in the TV sector and it is only a matter of time until they reveal to the rest of the world whatever they intend to introduce in TV market.

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