Time Capsule Use iOS, A5 Processor & Enabling Wireless iPhone Syncing?

Providing you with more information about the rumored Time Capsule update – running iOS on an A5 processor and enabling wireless iPhone syncing.

Now Ars Technica has reported that the Time Capsule will be build around the A4 or A5 processor and run iOS.

Our own source tells Ars that the revised hardware is believed to be built around Apple’s own A4 or A5 processor, and will run iOS much like the most recent Apple TV model.

MacRumors has also heard that it might enable wireless syncing of your iDevice.

We’ve heard an unconfirmed tip that iOS 5 may finally be bringing wireless syncing to iOS devices, including the intriguing claim that the wireless syncing could be performed directly with the new Time Capsules, bypassing the need to sync with a specific computer.

We can expect Time Capsule at WWDC 2011 on Monday if it roll in Apple’s iCloud service.

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