Time Warner adds 24 channels, loses 11

Just a day’s after Media Companies pressure to drop 11 channels after legal threats from Discovery Communications, Fox Cable Networks and Viacom, the carrier has added twice that many to the lineup.

Here are the new additions: A&E, ABC Family, AMC, Bravo, CNBC, CNBCW, CNN, CSPAN, CSPAN2, CSPAN3, Chiller, Disney, Disney XD, E!, ESPN news, Food, G4, Gala, HGTV, HLN, Hallmark, History, HSN, IFC, Jewelry, LMN, MSNBC, NY1Noticias, NY1, QVC, Sleuth, Soap, Style, Syfy, Golf, Travel and USA etc.

According to Jeff Simmorman of TWC:

“Yesterday, we yanked a bunch of channels from our brand new iPad app. These channels are owned by Fox, Discovery, and Viacom networks. And instead of rowing down the river of history and into the future, these programmers have chosen to sit on the bank and kick rocks. They would do well to refer to Sir Alec Guinness’s words in the greatest film of all time. We have added 16 national channels and three local channels overnight to our TWCableTV™ app for the iPad™.”

“This is an incredibly diverse array of programming, including sports, news and public affairs networks. Also included are our local news channels in each market where they’re available. Customers will receive all of the available networks that are included in the cable package to which they subscribe. We will continue to work to add more channels and make this iPad app the best possible experience for our customers. For more news, check us out here, follow me on Twitter (@jeffTWC), or visit I Want My TWCable TV App.”


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