TIME’s Special Edition on Steve Jobs

When a legend dies, there is noise. Media springs into action and a race (almost a cut-throat competition) starts on the issue that who would be the first to report and to pay tribute.

Same thing happened when Apple Inc founder Steve Jobs passed away. Time Magazine issued an order to its press to halt the work on their regular issue and launched a special issue, dedicating its cover and 21 pages to the life and achievements of Steve Jobs. This issue also carries a six page essay written by Walter Issacson who has also written the officially authorized biography of Steve Jobs.

This special issue discusses how Jobs established himself as one of the most successful business executives of modern times.

Jobs was an achiever and would always be remembered as one, considering all the innovative and unique gadgets and ideas he gave that unleashed a revolution in the world of technology and gadgets.

Special issue paying tribute to Jobs, coming from TIME, Will there be another visionary, nobody knows, not even time.

The tribute from world’s greatest news magazine certainly indicates the glory and greatness of Steve Jobs, but will there be another revolution similar to that what brought success to Apple Inc? That remains to be seen.

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