Tips to manage your magazine and Newspaper Subscription

Tips to manage your magazine and Newspaper Subscription

This tips will benefit to those who had subscribed to several different newspaper and magazine on your iPad.

How to keep track and manage them all?

Here are following steps:

Step 1.
Select App store on your iPad.

Step 2.
Next, tap on the featured sections and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Step 3.
You will find your Account name at the bottom left. Tap on it and then choose ‘View Account’ from the choices which appear on the pop-up menu. You will need to enter the password of your account here.

Step 5.
Once you log in into your account you need to next scroll down to reach the subscriptions sections. Then tap on the ‘Manage App Subscriptions’ bar.

There you will find the details of your account and options which you will be able to change.

These include:

a)View your current subscriptions plans with the provider
b)You can select on/off for the auto-renewal option
c)If applicable, changing the length of the subscription plan

Hopefully this tips has helped you manage your subscriptions better. Now you can go on and subscribe to whatever you want.

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