Top 10 engaging artworks of Steve Jobs ever made

Osama bin laden and Steve Jobs have similarity in them where one is the most wanted man on the planet earth due to wrong reason and on the other hand Steve Jobs, the most wanted person in electronic industry with Apple product. People love Steve Jobs and adore his product.

Steve Jobs with new image as statue of liberty at New York. Many remember Apple providing free cases some few months back because of antennae problem. The fans called it as justice. .

Now Steve Jobs in the attire of lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the messiah of the world whereas Steve Jobs the messiah to gadgets fans. Apple provides wonderful product, awesome user interface.

Steve Jobs with the book of Jobs and on one hand with iPad. Now iPad becomes revolutionary tablet accessing to millions of people so do ‘The Book of Jobs ‘ bringing encouragement and faith to the people.

It seems Steve Jobs has a style of Kungfu in him, he need to put into practice whenever in need. Beware Microsoft, Apple still in top, so better watch up your next step as you move.

Hey dude you don’t need telephone now, Lets just hang around with iPhone and take where ever you go but please paced aside the landlines phone. why take landlines when you have the most innovative device at your pocket?

Steve Jobs always made a magic record in the sale of product in the form of smartphones with millions of dollar spent. He created the magical device known as iPad. The Apple has mesmerized the world and even the rival has still to come out of the spell.

Imagine a life without Apple iPod touch, music will not come alive with it. The Apple product shines in so many countries wherever it goes. You love the products and appreciates more as go on using the device. Apple gadget will always captivated the people because it is Apple.

Don’t worry dude, Apple not much in size and you don’t need 8 carriers to carry it. The people love Apple and wherever it goes, they are welcome with big heart. I think we always tend to take the device with us or otherwise we fell a sense of emptiness. People always try to stay close with Apple product.

We can called Steve Jobs as the man of magic because all the Apple product are doing wonders in the field of electronics and even winning the heart of the users. The iPad is also known as the magical device because of its popularity and sales record smashing all the rival netbooks.

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