Top 8 ways to increase Productivity with the iPad

A History was created when the iPad was launch. This innovative tablet was welcome with open heart by all walks of life. The iPad has made their work efficient and more productivity. You can see an iPad at all work place, creating an extra edge to work environment.

Here are the 8 place where the user has immensely benefited from iPad.

1. Archaeology: iPad at Pompeii
Archaeology: iPad at Pompeii
Here an example of what amazing things iPad can do, Apple assembled an account of how this game-changing revolutionary tool helps archaeologists at Pompeii.

Dr. Steven Ellis, who directs the University of Cincinnati’s archaeological excavations at Pompeii express that the most significant discovery at the site was iPad.

Ellis credits the introduction of six iPad devices at Pompeii with helping his team solve one of the most difficult problems of archaeological fieldwork and iPad has efficiently and accurately record the complex information they encounter in the trenches.

2. Auto Car driver with iPad
Auto Car driver with iPad
Tony Kanaan and Jay Howard for Series drivers, and 16 years drivers Andretti Autosport’s Zach Veach (pictured above), use the iPad in pit lane during practice. Instead of handing the driver a data sheet that details the number of laps, lap times and other information, the pit crew hands the driver an iPad.
According to Klint Briney CEO sports agent at BRANDed, a company that represents drivers, “Basically having this device streamlines the pit stop process,”
“The engineers have always had laptops in pit lane that allow them to see where the car is at on the track, where the driver is braking, and when they are shifting. The iPad allows the driver, when he or she comes into the pitbox, to view timing and scoring, see how many laps they have done, and who is leading and also view a track map.”

3. Medical workers
Medical workers
So many Doctors and Medical workers are attracting towards iPad. Doctors like to use the tablet for case presentation, patient medical history, records and also so many high quality Medical apps are available at the App Store.

An online survey of 341 U.S. professional doctor in February 2011 revealed that 79 percent of them would choose iPad for their job needs.

The tablet can save time in their busy world. The iPad is quick to access, easy to use and with WFi and 3G the work become more easier.

4. iPads Replace Menus at Restaurant
iPads Replace Menus at Restaurant
A Sydney restaurant, Mundo Global Tapas, has replaced their paper menus with the interactive tablet.  Customers use the restaurant-provided iPads to not only browse menu selections and order food, but access photos of every dish and even notify chefs of how they want their steaks cooked.  

The innovative offers several advantages over the paper medium and these include easy revisions for fluctuations in price and keeping track with inventory so customers don’t order items out of stock.  

It was also learn that restaurant envisions of the iPad menu eventually revolutionize the dynamics of food ordering by utilizing local weather and customer moods to recommend meals.

5. School kids
School kids with ipad
iPad brings more innovative technique of learning in school and colleges. It brings an extra edges in the education arena.

iPad is an excellent research tool with some excellent specialized apps as diverse as language learners through to scientific databases. The children can immensely benefits from this innovative device.

Now swapping notes couldn’t be easier with its WiFi and 3G capabilities.

6. News Reporter
News Reporter
A reporter known as Mike McNeil of KBTV Fox affiliate shoots his whole St. patrick’s day broadcast news segment Live on ipad 2.

his work is first ever known case of iPad 2 video camera used to shoot broadcast news. The history was made at Spec’s liquor store in Beaumont Texas.

7. Airline
World’s first kiosks to sell airline tickets using the Apple iPad
It is as simple as ABC. You select your itinerary, pay with a credit card, and receive confirmation via SMS and email. There is no printing and no admin fee.

Jim Peters, SITA Chief Technology Officer, said: “‘SITA regards these two innovations as very significant breakthroughs for the airline industry which is seeking to provide the online public with additional sales channels and attractive functionality.

Jim Peters refers iPad tablet and World’s first Kiosks as the important innovation for airline industry.

8. Hollywood Fraternity
Hollywood Fraternity
Hollywood stars and producers alike have been quick to adopt the Apple iPad to help with their day-to-day work.

Here, J.J Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk, director and producers for shows like LOST, Fringe and the Cloverfield movie respectively, have specifically been using the iPad as a main assisting component when working with Transformers executive-producer Robert Orci while laying down the sequel to the last Star Trek movie.

In an interview:
Mr. Orci , “When you’re carrying a little TV around, you bring the power of imagery to places that you don’t normally have it.”

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