Top rated Cydia Apps for iPhone [Jailbroken]

Top rated Cydia Apps for iPhone [Jailbroken]

Here are the list of the Top rated Cydia Apps which you must have on your jailbroken iPhone.


Winterboard is the ‘control’ app for the way your iPhone looks and sounds, once you’ve installed winterboard, you can then go back in to Cydia and choose from the plethora of themes that range from Lock Screens, to wallpapers to sound sets.

Upon installing these Themes, you won’t actually notice anything, until you go back in to Winterboard and ‘tick’ the themes ACTIVE. On hitting the home screen, the Springboard will freeze and then restart, and your new theme settings will be active.


Open SSH is a background utility that allows users to connect their iDevices over wi-fi to the Mac or PC. To use OpenSSH you will need a client programme on your machine such as WinSCP for windows. This will then allow you to log into your iDevice and look through the directories.

OpenSSH is a great tool for theme developers as it allows them to install their theme to test it out before they release it to the public.

OpenSSH is free and is a great way to mod files on your idevice.
Please be aware though that you can do potential damage with OpenSSH if you are unsure what you are doing with it.


SBSettings is a hud display that comes down from the status bar when you swipe you finger left to right over it.
Now SBSetting is not a one hit wonder app, it does many many things. It allows you to free up available memory, toggle things on & off such as wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G. The tweak also allows users to respring their iPhone aswell as reboot.

A couple of extra things SBSettings can do is hide icons or move them into its own little dock. This tweak is free.


My3G a must have Cydia app as with this tweak, you can trick your iPhone as it makes app believe that they are on Wi-Fi instead of 3G and let you make and take FaceTime calls over 3G (no Wi-Fi required) on your iPhone 4. Also you can see HD youtube videos and also use Skype and other VoIP apps over the simple 3G network.

Some Applications use large amounts of data. Please check your data usage. Additional charges may apply.


Springflash is the first dedicated cydia app for iPhone 4 jailbroken device. Available for iPhone 4, SpringFlash is a springboard activator based LED flashlight, which means: with a touch of the button, you can have a bright LED flashlight without the need to unlock your iPhone 4, close apps or turn on the screen, since it s activator-based.

Springflash app is free to download and install

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