Totallee, new super thin iPhone XR cases available now

The launch of iPhone XR, this month, releases a lineup of super thin cases for the new device.

Thus having high-quality thin iPhone cases since 2013, is where a new lineup of iPhone XR is available in nine different colours, where there are three different styles.

Below is the one to look for the options in the new collection:

These are slim and sleek case Totallee. These cases have only 0.02” thick and weigh only 0.01oz. Thus the fullback consists of all sides and corner where a good option for people who do not completely have case-less or add a bulky case. This case helps preserve and protect your new iPhone from daily wear and scuffs retain its form factor. Thus Apple offers the new iPhone XR has many colours, some folk misses one of the all-time favourite iPhone colours: jet black. Thus with giving your iPhone XR looks the new jet black Totallee case (pictured above) a great option.

Totallee’s popular case is a clear TPU case, an ideal pick for people wanting the case remaining virtually invisible. The case free branding and completely transparent notices you have a case at all. The best part is adding extra drop and scratch protection. Thus a soft and durable TPU absorb shock, Totallee’s most protective case in the lineup.

Totallee’s premium option features genuine leather back and for $39. The company thus managed to keep case ultra slim with signature case framing and applies genuine leather on the back. This unique construction allows creating calls “the world’s thinnest leather case”. The leather, in each case slightly different and features a unique texture get better with age. Thus, if one looks a case both rugged and sophisticated, the new Totallee leather iPhone XR case as an option to consider.

All Totallee cases back 2-year warranty ships within 2 business days. Thus if orders now receive your Totallee case before the new iPhone XR arrives.

Totallee offers cases for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS with other older models of iPhones on their website.

Totallee hence offers a limited number of iPhone XR cases on Amazon.