Track Your Golf Ball With GolfSites [REVIEW]


Do you like to play golf? You may play golf for fun or to show yourself, an aristocrat. No matter what reason you have for playing golf. Here is an app called GolfSites, which can tell you how well do you play golf.

GolfSites will track your shot swing by swing and collect precious statistics on how you play starting now with GolfSites! This app is a GPS-enabled golf assistant. It would map your balls’ path with the click of a button, and it would start improving your golf game.


GolfSites is an intuitive mobile golfing assistant. You can call this app, your personal golfing performance statistics source. It is the first GPS enabled golf app that would allow you to track the path of your ball shot-by-shot as you play.

GolfSites has been created by Hong Kong based Mooee Company Limited.

You can play golf at any country club and GolfSites will track your performance.


Following points explain how this app would give you a bird-eye view of your performance in golf:

1. No matter where you play, GolfSites’ Country Club database will have you covered. This app features over 20,000 course layouts from all over the world, each one rendered via GPS-precise satellite photography.

2. As a user of GolfSites, when you download this app, you will get five free Country Club credits. Each credit will be able to unlock a single Country Club map – including all courses within it!

3. While using this app, unlocking further Country Club maps is as simple as buying more GolfSites credits via in-app purchase. You can either buy one credit at a time for $0.99 or get a deal on a variety of differently sized bundle packs. It is highly scalable and offers the value of analogous apps at a fraction of the price!

4. All courses featured in GolfSites include a hole-by-hole breakdown of important information including each holes, par difficulty and total length in yards. This app will also provide you Information on sand traps, water, and other hazard distances that are available in both yards and meters too.

5. Now, GolfSites features a streamlined Country Club menu which makes searching out the Club course that you will be playing more quick and simple than ever before!


Following points explain how GolfSites tracks your balls’ path and compile game statistics, without missing a beat:

1. You can unlock the power of your GolfSites with just a single click. The app will start tracking easily and it has an intuitive Location Scoring System.

2. If you use, any other conventional golf app, that would let you see the information in the estimated distances of your drives, putts, and the like On the other hand, GolfSites’ ball path tracking system will give you stroke measurements that are accurate down to within 1-5 yards.

3. The ball path tracking feature will let you track your play with utter precision. All it will take is a single click before or right after you swing to mark your location. You can now view GolfSites’ Ball Path after every hole too!

4. Inputting the type of club that you are using and the surface you are hitting from on any given swing can be done in 2 clicks. You would not need to scroll up or down.

5. The information that GolfSites gathers as you play does not go to waste. Your game statistics are crunched and graphed. You will be able to review everything from average hitting distances with specific clubs and swing accuracy readouts, to average strokes by par difficulty, putting performance, and more.

6. This app will let you view your game statistics either overall or by your performance history on specific courses to give you a better idea of how you tend to play at different courses.


GolfSites is a unique app that works without coverage. It never necessitates data roaming. Once you download a Country Club map, you are free to access it in real-time while you play from anywhere in the world. This app offers you a digital scorecard solution for up to four players at once too.

GolfSites 3.0 boasts a streamlined User Interface (UI) for a more fluid user experience.

The new version 3.1.0 of GolfSites features new graphics for Club Performance. In the new version of this app, there have been improvements in the stability of this app and some minor aesthetics of of interfaces. Many bugs shave also been fixed.

GolfSites is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining GolfSites from the app store and the app has been used on an iPhone.

So are you ready to use this app and explore your inner Tiger Woods? Post your comments.

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