Be Ahead Of Time By Keeping Track Of Time With TimeScroller [REVIEW]


Modern world is a global world. If a foreigner needs to offer you a deal and ensure that you can listen to him in a right time and in a right mind, he must contact you at time when there is daytime in your country. Same thing goes for you if you want to finalize a deal with a foreigner.

In business, time is not seen when it comes to work. The only thing that is seen is requirement. It is important to be aware of every timezone that suits your requirement.

You write something for a blog and imagine that your target readers are in a foreign country. Your blog post should become live at a time when there is daytime in the country of your readers. Thus, you need to understand the difference of time between your time zone and their time zone.


In your office, you might plan to set up different clocks showing the time of different time zones in different countries. But why do you want to waste your money on buying so many clocks? Is it worth wasting the space of your wall with putting up so many clocks? Better put up the portrait of someone you love or your icon or even your boss as having the portrait of boss in your office brings good luck according to Feng Shui.

You want to keep yourself updated with the time int he different time zone? Here you go! Terry Brett is here with a solution. A new app is ready for your iPhone, that would keep you updated with any time zone you require information of. TimeScroller is here. A new type of clock that is also your time zone advisor.

TimeScroller is a multi time zone clock and meeting planner. It would allow you find and fix time suitable for an overseas phone call or conference.


Imagine you want to call a foreign client but you are not sure whether the time (according to his/her time zone) is right for you to call. Here TimeScroller comes into play. This app shows the current times for your chosen cities, with color coded icons quickly showing if now is a good time to call. If not, a drag on the “TimeScroller” button will rapidly advance the times to find a more suitable time later in the day.

Alternatively, you can select the cities you wish to communicate between, then tap the “Suggest Time” button for TimeScroller. It will automatically suggest a time. The display will also update showing just those cities, making the choice of a time even easier.

Then once you have chosen a time, you can set an alarm with a tap on a button. You can create a calendar event, or automatically draft an email for you including the times for the proposed call. If your iPhone has iOS 4 or later version, Alarms and calendar events would be available to you.


TimeScroller has evolved from the popular OSX Widget of the same name. This Widget was once chosen as Macworld Magazine’s Widget of the Month in December 2007.

Now let us have a look at the features of TimeScroller:

1. This app has simple visuals and compact display that can show up to 9 cities without the need to scroll.

2. TimeScroller takes into account daylight saving rules where applicable.

3. It is configurable to show different colors for different times of the day. For example, “green” color shows normal office hours and “amber” shows evening, etc.

4. “Suggest time” feature is available in TimeScroller.

5. TimeScroller does not require an internet connection. You can use it offline.

6. The built in database of TimeScroller includes 20,000 cities.

7. In this app, the Information page for city includes the date and time of next daylight savings change.

Now allow me to show you what the new version 2.06 of TimeScroller has to offer:

1. The new updated version of TimeScroller has fixed the issue with iOS 5 that used to occur while creating a calendar event.

2. TimeScroller has the ability to set an alarm for a chosen time. As mentioned earlier, this feature requires iOS 4 or later version.

3. There have been various interface improvements in this app with the update.

4. Some built in city database changes are there in this app.

TimeScroller is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version. However, some features of this app would work only if iOS 4 or later version is running in your iDevice.

So now you can plan your schedule more efficiently and probably behave like Dr. Manhattan from Alan Moore’s Watchmen for whom, time was never a concern. Know the time, plan ahead.

Click here to buy and download TimeScroller.

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