Track Your Working Hours And Salary With SalaryBook [REVIEW]


Your busy routine and you hectic life does not let you keep a track of anything. That is why, today you depend on so many calendars and apps to keep a track of various important things.

You may even forget how long hours do you work for and how much are you paid on the basis of per hour work.

If you are working overtime, you deserve to be paid for overtime. Are you being paid properly, considering the number of hours you work? What if you cannot remember that? That is why, Appsequence has created an app to help you.

Now you can track your working hours and salary on the basis of hours through a new app called “SalaryBook – Time sheet – Pay and Time Tracker”.


With this app, you can keep track of your worked hours and earnings on-the-go. However, you should make sure any billable hour does not go unaccounted. All you need to do is enter your time entries and your pay will be displayed in a variety of formats for easy analysis. This app keeps your income and work time in perspective by allowing you to quickly and easily view it in different time periods.

SalaryBook is perfect and very helpful app for freelancers, consultants & professionals who charge for their services on an hourly basis and who need a way to manage and keep track of flexible working hours and earnings. This app helps you see the big picture within a quick and easy glance.

It will give you answers on questions like:
On which days did I work?
How much did I work?
On what project did I work?
Is all that time billable time?
How much money did I make ?


The inbuilt calendar in this app enables you to easily control and track your working time. You can enter manually working period details such as hourly rate, start and end time, billable time and extra amount. You can also set up a default work schedule.

Tracking time should not take time. SalaryBook has been designed for your convenience. It enters worked time and pay rate is intuitive and easy by using the calendar. The time spend on managing your work time and earnings is reduced to a minimum.

You need to keep a watchful eye on your time and salary by easily generating daily or monthly reports covering any period of time as this would give you an overview of earnings and worked hours. You can export for any period of time an overview of all work and earnings details to your email account for archiving or further analysis.

Following are the important features of Salary Book:

1. SalaryBook has been designed for those who want to calculate or keep track of the hours they work.

2. This app supports multiple work periods on the same day.

3. SalaryBook has the ability to add multiple jobs.

4. SalaryBook can also add overtime.

5. This app also has support for work-hours which continue into the next day (read night shifts).

6. SalaryBook can add notes for each work period entry.

7. SalaryBook can add non billable time and extra money (for example, tips).

8. With this app, you can export your reports or data by email an overview of daily or monthly totals.

9. SalaryBook can create Backup and keep your data safe and restore it later through your Dropbox account.

10. This app can export CSV files to your email account or store them in your Dropbox folder.

11. This app can automatically calculate total earnings since the beginning of the workday, month, or year.

12. The Animated counter in SalaryBook updates continuously as earnings grow, accounting for input variables.

13. This app can present view charts and reports on the basis of worked time or earnings for any given period.

14. You can view the time worked so far for the current day, month, or year.

15. SalaryBook also has PassCode security that protects your data.

16. SalaryBook has simple and attractive interface.

17. This app displays monetary units and date formats on the basis of iPhone region settings.

18. SalaryBook has custom large number pad.

19. This app has been optimized for iOS 4 and Retina display.

There is saying that time is money. If time is money, you need to know where your time is going and this app will help you understand where your money is going as well.

SalaryBook will help you to track the time you spend on your work to better assess not just not just how long you are working, but also how well you are working.

This app will never let your time go away and it will never fail to give you the correct value of your time.

The new version 2.1 has fixed many bugs in SalaryBook.

SalaryBook is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining the app from app store and the app has been used on an iPod.

Does SalaryBook give you accurate working hours with accurate amount of money that you can charge to your client? Did you find this app helpful? Post your comments.

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