Trash Freezing Incidents in Snow Leopard

Numerous Mac users who have upgraded to the latest Mac OS X release, 10.6 Snow Leopard, have informed us of a problem which causes the trash to freeze upon emptying it, when it is set to be emptied securely. At first, we believed it to be isolated incidents, but reports kept arriving and as soon as yesterday we actually experienced the problem ourselves.

The problem may occur if you have set your trash to empty securely, and there are several items queued for deletion. The trash will simply hang during the process. To get out of it, you can either cancel the process by clicking the icon to the right, or restart finder by going to “Force Quit” in the Apple menu. Some even report that cancel doesn’t always work. If you experience the problem and do not care much if the trash is being emptied securely or not, just go to Finder’s preferences and uncheck the “Empty Trash Securely” and everything should work nicely again.

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