Trojan Targets Mac-Using Activists In China

Chinese Hut

Few months ago, Chinese government sponsored violence in Xinjiang region and ordered the army to kill as many Chinese speaking Muslims as possible. A big iron curtain was created to ensure that this operation remains hidden from Chinese media and International media.

You may find the news of mass-slaughter of Chinese Muslims on many websites but the pictures of such violence are nowhere to be seen. Some activists took upon themselves to show the plight of innocent victims of massacre to the world. And now, hackers loyal to evil Chinese government are attacking the computers of such activists.

There is a new backdoor trojan exploit out there for Mac users that appears to originate in China. The new trojan specifically targeted at political activists in the Uighur movement against that country. It appears in email inboxes as a picture attachment. Once opened, the trojan secretly installs information gathering and remote control tools, characteristic of advanced persistent threat (or APT malware).

Security experts say that the trojan was almost certainly created in China. Combining this fact with connections to certain required servers in that country (as well as an observation that some of the debug code in the attack is in English), it seems likely that this is a coordinated attack against this activist movement.

Today, the use and popularity of Mac is rising in the East and many high profile political activists are using Mac. Thus, Macs are facing a growing malware threat in that region. There are already a few varieties of this attack in the wild. Let us hope that a fix for this trojan is available soon.

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Source: TUAW

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