The Trouble With Universal Apps And New iPad

Universal app

The New iPad is selling like hot cakes and everybody is loving its Retina Display.

However, criticism of anything popular is not a new phenomenon, more so if some problem is seen. Something has been noticed in the New iPad. There is a tradeoff for having graphics that look great in a universal app. Developer Justine Pratt has run through a few of the pros and cons of going universal.

The biggest drawback is app size. Those bigger graphics take up more space. For many graphics-heavy applications, that could put them over the cellular data download limit (which is now at 50 MB). Universal apps specifically are taking this hit, even if they are not running with the new iPad-sized graphics on the iPhone hardware.

There are pros and cons for everything. Same thing goes for sticking with universal as well. Customers like apps that run on both devices. As the iPhone and iPad versions of an app can be different to some extent, a universal often feels like getting two apps for the price of one. However, each developer has to decide for themselves whether universal is the right way to go or not.

Source: TUAW

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