Turn your iPhone into Video Camera with Cycorder

Who said iPhone cannot does video? A number of review for iPhone mentioned thatiPhone could not record video. The statement may be true for AT&T iPhone or iPhonefrom other official carriers. But if you already jailbreak it through WinPwn or Pwnage Tooland upgrade to firmware 1.1.4/2.0, your iPhone is no longer limited to photo taking. The release of iPhone Video Recorder in late Apr can already turn your iPhone into a video camera. However, it’s not a free application. Thanks for Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman. He developed another application called Cycorder to power iPhone’s camera to take video shot. The application was released a couple days ago through Cydia. And the big thing is that it’s *free*.

From my initial study, Cycorder gives a better video quality and recording speed than iPhoneVideo Recorder. Cycorder offers real-time video compression that records video at around 6 – 15 frames per second with no compression delay and supports 384×288 (television 4:3 aspect ratio). One downside of Cycorder is it cannot record audio. You should, however, expect this feature will be incorporated in coming release (hopefully in Sep & hopefully it’s still free).

Install Cycorder via Cydia
Cycorder is now available through Cydia. You can find it under multimedia category on Cydia. After installation, the iPhone will be restarted automatically. And get ready to take video!

Recording & Playing Video
Similar to the UI of camera, the interface of Cycorder is very simple and intuitive. Just tap the “record” button at the bottom of screen to start recording video. Tap again to stop it. To playback the video, you can the triangle button at the bottom-left. And, Cycorder will show you a list of video you have recorded.

Transfer Video to your computer
If you need to playback the video on your computer, it may be a bit difficult for those whose don’t know SSH. There is currently no easy way to share and send your video out of iPhone. The best and only way to transfer Cycorder’s video to your computer is to use SSH. After you access the iPhone via SSH, you can find the videos under “/User/Media/Videos”.

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