How to: Redeem a Promo Code, Gift Certificate or Gift Card Using your iPad

There is an exciting and easy step to redeem promo codes or gift cards/certificates with your iPad is to go to the App Store, scroll down to the bottom and tap the “Redeem” button.

I am sure after you get your gift card or promo code for your iPad, you would like to redeem it.

You don’t need to take stress or worried whether you can redeem code because it is quite easy and in fact you don’t even need to sync with iTunes on your computer if you leaving for some urgent work .

You just need to open the App Store from your iPad home screen and scroll down to the bottom of the App Store main screen. There you will see a “Redeem” button. Now tap on the button and you can enter the code you have.

If your code is for a particular app then your app will download automatically after you enter the code.


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