Tutorial: Jailbreaking is stealing

Jailbreaking is said to be legal now, but users trying to jailbreak their iPhone just lose their warranty, So we have seen a lot of people going for it recently. And with the release of Jailbreakme.com, an easy way to perform universal jailbreak, we have had more and more people jailbreaking their iPhones, because it allows them to use Apps and tweaks that are unavailable in the App Store.

Some people are against pirated apps, but most of them get tempted because it lets you have any app without having to pay anything. So who wouldn’t?

AppTrackr today has the largest community of pirated, or cracked, apps on the internet. And yes, it even has an app of its own on the jailbreak App Store. Founded by Dissident , a man in his twenties, Apptrackr is today is the biggest source of cracked apps on the net. He and the Hackulous community have developed a way for users with jailbroken iDevices to download copies of many popular apps in the App Store completely free of charge. We now get a complete picture of just how large this phenomenon of App Store pirates is.

It doesn’t stop there. The app which allows you to download these cracked apps free of charge directly on your iDevice, boasts a solid user base as well. Currently, it’s installed on more than four million devices and growing.

Apple is well aware of the phenomenon and is believed to have released the Try Before You Buy section in the App Store as a result of this. Yet it won’t cut down the number of people trying to jailbreak, which has a much further reaching demand, says the Apptrackr head.

The App Store piracy phenomenon is a lot larger than we previously believed, and is growing faster day by day. According to a few sources we learn that almost every other jailbreaker pirates apps. jailbreaking becoming easier day by day, it does not appear to be anywhere close to coming to an end.

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