Tutorial: Jailbreaking with UltrasnOw is interesting [Wink]

Jailbreak your iDevice, how? Here is something, with which changes are possible in the iDevice application icons, wallpaper, dock, status bar, chat bubbles, weather backgrounds, keyboards and what not.

More than 784,000 iPhone unlocked with UltraSnow. But the recent Ultrasnow updated version 0.9.3 has come up to help unlock iPhone running iOS4. Of course before installing it the iPhone has to be jailbreaked and RedSnow is only the available tool in the market which does that for now.

The new version works for iPhone which has a base band ranging between 04.26.08 via 05.13.04. But the really worry comes when your warranty becomes void after installation.

People have already come up with complains stating that as soon as they install the UltraSnow, no signal warning pop up the screen. If you are going to get one then go to Cydia stores and make yourself clear before adding a repo at the stores keeping in mind the problem showing up with the service.

No doubt the software will help you in customizing your iDevices but negative consequences have also thrown up in the way.

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