Tutorial on how to pause Application Installation on your iPad.

Most of the time, you don’t need to pause the installation process of any app on your iPad because many apps at the App Store are below 20 MB in size and led to quick installation.

However, if you are in the situation like downloading a certain app which has hundred MB’s in size and also trying to watch a movie on your iPad then knowing how to pause your app install may come very handy.

The steps involved in this process are mentioned below:

Step 1.
Press to select an app. ( Talking Gina)

Step 2.
Starts to download and install the app

Step 3.
While downloading the app you can easily tap on the icon of the new application to pause the download. Normally, a small blue bar will be getting filled up as the application downloading/installation process goes on and under the icon ‘Loading’ will be written.

Step 4.
By tapping on the icon you will then notice that the blue bar suddenly becomes empty and Paused is written below the icon.

Step 5.
You can easily resume the installation process of the app by again tapping on the icon. The blue progress bar will show again and your app will download first and then get installed.