Twelve South’s stand to my iPad.

You might have noticed that a thing is always followed by another. I have noticed a very elegant compass stand in an Apple store last time I visited there to have a glimpse of the new arrivals. I loved it.

There I found this silicon padded compass stand that will make you fall in love with it. According to me it’s amazing stand for the iPad, perfect in every dimension only for Apple.

When I placed my iPad for the first time it was a piece to watch. The off white color of the stand just matched my iDevice. My iPad was resting on the upright position stand for some time and again after a while I inclined it towards the desk and started typing. Believe me typing is just amazing.

Are you worried about it falling apart? You need not have to fear about your iPad of being slipped.
But yes, everything has some negative aspect. It’s not so negative as such but I will say that depends on how I use it. The stand cannot be used in rugged base or the leg might touch your iPad volume node and might mute it.

Other than that it’s worth buying for just $40 USD. Personally I just love the color.


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