Twitter 4.3 For iOS Released With New Icon

Twitter on iPhone

After a long time, Twitter has updated their logo. The logo shows the bird icon appearing in Twitter’s logo rotated just a few degrees counter-clockwise.

iOS 6 beta 2 came with an updated icon for the integrated Twitter support. However, Twitter’s iOS application lagged behind without an icon change. Earlier this week, Twitter 4.3 was approved by Apple and now it is live in the App Store with not only an updated icon with the new Twitter logo, but also with some new features.

The new application icon with the updated Twitter logo has been shown below:

Twitter iPhone

Now, Twitter allows you to see previews of content from links to partnered Websites right from your Twitter stream. This means that screenshot site links will now let you see image previews and YouTube links will let you see video previews, push notifications for specific Tweets or Retweets from people you follow has been added.

Other minor changes to the application are as follows:

*Enhanced autocomplete for searches
*Indications when new Discover stories are available for you
*Avatars can be tapped to get to people’s Twitter profiles
*In-app password entry for authentication purposes
*Hungarian language support added
*Stability improvements and bug fixes included

The update looks good so far. The application is already more responsive than it was before the update, where the application was pretty sluggish.

The updates probably still are not enough to sway people away from third party clients like Tweetbot. However, people that use the stock Twitter application day-by-day should be pretty excited for the update and should find it to make the overall mobile Twitter experience better. The overall appearance of the application is still the same.

Are you happy with the new Twitter 4.3 for iOS? Post your comments.

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