Twitter Celebrates Sixth Birthday

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On 21 March 2006, Jack Dorsey tweeted the first ever tweet on Twitter.

Today in 2011, we all see how popular Twitter is. In terms of popularity, it has become the de facto short message system of the internet. It is also the favorite social networking service of celebrities all around the world.

Twitter celebrated its sixth birthday yesterday.

With over 500 million users, it is the largest one-to-many open communication platform on the web.

However, the Twitter’s beginnings were modest. In 2006, the Twitter service had started out as an off-hand project from the creators of podcasting company Odeo. Though it immediately showed potential, it was plagued by frequent downtime in its first couple of years.

First Tweet

Stability problems seem to be a thing of the past now. Today, Twitter handles and hashtags have become a part of popular culture. They are regularly seen on TV and movie trailers. If you wish to reach a celebrity, you have to find his Twitter nickname and follow him/her.

Like Facebook app, there are Twitter apps that enable you to us Twitter from your iPhone or iPad.

How much time do you spend tweeting? Post your comments.

Source: Mashable

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