Twitter Updates for 2011-05-26

  • Rumor about 64GB iPhone 4 is nothing new, gossip is going around for a couple of months now. If it is true then … #
  • Apple fan in India can now buy an Phone 4 from Aircel. The iPhone 4 is officially launching in India on May 27th… #
  • Don't give bullsh*t advice: #
  • This month we have seen a lot of things against Apple like in location tracking issue, even countries in Europe,… #
  • Google Street View to launch in India in the coming weeks #
  • Dear Oprah – we got some of your mail #
  • If you have been let down by the speed of streaming YouTube videos then I have great news for you. Now you can s… #
  • George Lambro has posted an impressive video of himself performing a guitar solo using the iPad and Apple’s Gara… #

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