Two new Apple iAds: “The Switch” Movie and AT&T


We recently heard how the Apple’s iAd was a major success in the mobile advertising platform and about its early adopters. A report by businessinsider on iAds said that the iAds were trickling out at a faster pace these days.

Recently we saw a new iAd for Citibank, now there are two more ads circulating in Apple’s iAd network. The two new iAds released recently include AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive wireless carrier, and “The Switch,” a new movie from Miramax starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman.

The AT&T ad focuses on the carrier’s new $15-per-month Data Plus plan, carrying the tag line “Now your entire family can afford the mobile internet. The company also pushes its Wi-Fi hotspots, available to its cellular data customers free of charge.


The iAd for “The Switch” offers a variety of features, including a tool for finding nearby theaters showing the film, trailers and commercials, a photo gallery, character bios, and a humorous “quiz” to help users decide whether they are ready to be parents. The ad also features a mini-game called “Build a Baby”, which lets users assemble various combinations of hair, eyes, and mouths to create unique “baby” faces.

Via: businessinsider

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