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Type on PDF iPad

Sometimes when you convert your document into a PDF file, you notice that there are some spelling errors and wish to edit it. However, a PDF cannot be edited.

Now thanks to Tipirneni Software LLC, there is a solution to this problem. You can edit and update a PDF document with this app. The utility of this PDF is defined by its name – Type of PDF.

This is a new iOS app that allows you to fill PDF forms with ease. You can type or write on a PDF file and export it via email.

The new version of Type on PDF includes powerful image tools that allow you to place images from clipboard, camera or library on a page in PDF file.

Type of PDF

This app also allows you to make templates of commonly used forms with all fields in the form that have been formatted for easy completion.

Let us take a look at the important features of Type on PDF:

1. This app works on all iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

2. As mentioned earlier, you can make templates of all documents where all form fields would be ready for easy completion.

3. This app has Multiple pen color choices that includes highlighter and eraser as well.

4. The app features multiple text size and you can easily move the typed text from one place to another. You can also insert images when you wish to.

5. PDFs you generate for sending will have your annotations embedding into the base image of the document for increased security.

6. This app stores all documents for easy retrieval.

7. This app can send multiple documents once.

8. Features of PAN and zoom are available.

9. Usually in most operating systems, you can undo only the last thing that you did. However, this app has the option of “Multiple Undos”.

10. You can transfer the exported PDFs to your Dropbox or any other app that accepts PDFs.

11. In iOS 4.2 or later versions, you would have the feature of printing PDFs.

So how useful do you find Type on PDF app for your business and documentation of important deals and agreements? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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