U.S Army Selects Android for Its Smartphone

U.S Army are preparing every soldiers on using smartphone. A highly strategy planned which the Army can benefit a lot and also saves life’s. Their choice can be Android as its operating system.

According to Wired, ” U.S Army wants every soldier to carry a smartphone and it looks like its initially selected Google’s Android for its operating system.”

“A prototype device running Android called the Joint Battle Command-Platform, developed by tech nonprofit MITRE, is undergoing tests. The development kit behind it, called the Mobile /Handheld Computing Environment, will be released to app creators in July, the Army says.”

“The choice for Android smartphone
– Joint Battle Command
– Platform will feature a mapping function , a Blue Force tracker program which will keeps tabs on where friendly forces are.

Additionally it will have ‘Critical messaging ‘
that can exchange crucial data like medavac requests and o the ground reporting.”

It was also added that the prototype device will reportedly be able to withstand the physical wear-and-tear of soldiering.

[ Via wired]

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