U.S. Traveller Review

US Traveller iPhone

Planning a trip outside USA? Want to do your homework properly about the country that you want to visit? Need a clear idea of dos and don’ts to be followed in that country?

Doing your homework and learning about the foreign country you are planning to visit certainly helps. But how would you do that if most people in your surroundings do not know about the country you plan to visit? You do not have time to google and read eveything in detail.

Thus, here comes an ideal solution from GloboTrac.

A travel guide at your fingertips, U.S. Traveller app, available at iTunes is your very own key to information about different countries all over the world. The list of countries is in alphabetical order. Just tap the name with your fingertips and the information about that country appears on your screen, classified on the basis of people, culture, climate, history, politics, currencies, economy, foreign relations etc. This app also gives you the locations and address of American Embassy and consulates in those country. Maps of countries are also available so that you can plan the important areas of a country that you can plan your visit properly.

Features like Yearly Travel report, Travel alerts and Tourist Warning are also available in this app.

So are you ready and confident to travel abroad? How helpful do you find U.S. Traveller app? Tell us in the comments section below.

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