Undelete SMS Jailbreak App to Restore Delete Messages

Undelete SMS is a new jailbreak tool available at the Cydia Store which works to retrieve your delete text messages. The deleted sms can also be needed at times; it could be an important text. It is possible that a user can accidentally delete all his sms from the inbox and this Undelete SMS can be a useful tool to restore the delete text messages.

Here, Undelete SMS fix your SMS database or Spotlight history for deleted records and retrieve them. The restore delete messages are display in plain text and where you can copy the texts and stick them in a note, email etc. Moreover if you wanted to copy the selected text, you can do so.

Additional information, Undelete SMS is forensic recovery tool and does not assured to recover all or any deleted messages. This jailbreak app analyzes scrap deleted data which is not over written by new data. Most importantly, this Cydia tweak initiates useful result from an actively used phone or a back up restored phone. This app will not yield results on a new restored phone that is without a backup.

Please note that Undelete SMS is a utility and not a guarantee. If interested, you can purchase Undelete SMS at the price of $6.99 in the Cydia Store.

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  1. Please help me to download Undelete sms on iphone 4. I can see only imformation, but not a link for downloading.

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