UniQXcess – Remote File Access App Review

UniQXcess Remote File Access iPad

Imagine you are going on a business trip. You have crucial documents in your computer that you need to carry. You cannot carry your big computer and your portable drive has limited space, not enough for more than 100 GB documents to be stored. Now what will you do? Do you wish that you had something like a magic wand that would give you remote access to your computer and all your files? Do you want something that makes data transfer and storage easy?

POOF! LiniQue Presents UniQXcess. This new app enables you not only to access all your files from distance, it also enables to view and edit your files, using your iPad.

UniQXcess is an ideal file manager and document viewer for your iPad. With this app, you view your files on your iPad, without downloading them as the app enables your iPad to access files from your PC and show them to you. This app does not require any complicated settings or technical procedure to be active. No need to set up any firewall or something similar. You can just sign up and activate after downloading the PC Version.

UniQXcess supports multi-device usage as well as inter-device usage. Thus, you can access many computers like your home computer and your office computer at the same time. You can also use different mobile devices to access a single computer, thanks to this app. The only thing you need is an interent connection. UniQXcess can also pre-download the files you want so that you can view them later in an offline location. UniQXcess organises your files by name, date or type. You can easily share them via e-mail.

Device Requirements:
Currently, UniQXcess is available for iPad and Android Tablet. It supports computers enabled with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. On Apple Computers, you run this app, you must have iOS 3.2 or later version.

Do you believe that UniQXcess can really make your life easy? What are your other expectations from UniQXcess? Tell us in the comments section below.

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