Unlock An Adventurous Journey And Subjugate The Monsters With SEED 4 [Review]

Massive Multiplayer Online role playing games (MMORPG) as a genre usually creates curiosity and raises expectations every time you play a new MMORPG driven game. Despite of the fact that there is a predetermined criterion which constitutes MMORPG, yet a user before playing a MMORPG expects newness. Looking from a developer’s perspective, there remains a massive challenge in capturing the complete ideology of MMORPG, A developer who is venturing into making a MMORPG has to beat the existing competition in order to make the game rise up the charts. After undergoing a relentless gameplay cycle of the well-known MMORPG Seed 4, I can insist that the developers have put in a sincere effort behind development of this game and it does absolute justice to the MMORPG category of games.

Seed 4 is a reinvention of the MMORPG genre, the storyboard is about monsters having encroached the village while the soldiers are away from the village, fighting the war across the continent. The goal of the game is to assemble as many soldiers as possible, so as to defeat the monsters. Once the game starts, a user gather various resources such as Tarions, Hextarions, Falcon Upgrade Stones and Gems. After collection of resources, the user starts with the journey of subjugating the monsters. The availability of these resources depend on the economic strength of the guild’s base and guild rank. The guild rank rises when a user accumulates enough guild contribution and Honor. A user can also try to increase guild contribution by participating in guild training and conquest matches.

The player enjoys an advantage of Action Points which can be restored in every two minutes. The Action Points are used in performing quests, Raids, PvP matches and guild training. Seed 4 is equipped with various play modes which a user experiences while playing, PVP, State War, Party Play, Conquest and more. Once the player enters Interception missions the game requires upgrade stones. Restoratives may be rewarded depending on the number of successful Interceptions.

As the game proceeds the player can make a group with friends and perform quests together. Once you form a group with friends you can enjoy exciting group battles with your respective guildsmen, The game features more than 130 different types of items. Being a MMORPG, a player has a chance to battle among thousands of players.

Seed 4 is a smooth well executed MMORPG featuring various modes, resources and action points which make the game interesting. The gameplay is quite uncomplicated facilitating few taps so that a user can enjoy the essence of a MMORPG. The game is an adventurous journey which is worth experiencing.