Unlock Your iPhone With Face-Detection Software

Many times, unlocking your iPhone is not simple. Many people are upset as they consider the process as difficult. Such things make you wish for something that could easily unlock your iPhone. Now here is a feature for your iPhone which was earlier available on in Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is the feature of face detection to unlock your iPhone. Your iPhone will get unlocked when it sees your face. A developer has ported the face-detection security tool to iOS to make it possible.

So far, it is not obvious whether it is a direct port of the Android function. It seems that in iPhone, the tool would take a lot longer than the Android version to work out who you are. In fact, so long that it is probably impractical to actually use.

Still, it is a neat trick. The process to recognize the face can be improvised and made little bit speedy. This face detection software tool will be launched very soon in the iOS App Store. Wait for it.

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Source: Gizmodo

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