Pod2g’s Untethered Jailbreak Will Update Ac1dsn0w


For those who are not familiar with imRel0ad, he is one of the creators of Ac1dsn0w jailbreak tool.

If you remember Ac1dsn0w, it is a new jailbreak tool for the Mac only that did things that redsn0w and sn0wbreeze could do, that is jailbreaking your iDevice.

Ac1dsn0w started with a bumpy beginning at beta 1 infringing copyrights with the use of Apple’s code countless times. Afterwards, Ac1dsn0w beta 2 was released, claiming to fix the problem with copyright use and the tool was said to be much more stable. At that time, like other tools, Ac1dsn0w also produced a tethered jailbreak for the A4 or older devices running iOS 5.

The reliability of Ac1dsn0w was questioned (and is still questioned) on various occasions because it did not work for countless jailbreakers. P01sonN1nja, the founder of the Pwn Dev Team, responded by saying that different computers were different and thus, would yield different jailbreaking results.

ImRel0ad followed by saying that the benefits of Ac1dsn0w are the nicer looking Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the speedier jailbreak. If you compare Ac1dsn0w to redsn0w in terms of speed, redsn0w has an express option, which can be found in the redsn0w preferences, that saves the moving applications feature for when you open Cydia.

According to a recent tweet by imRel0ad, pod2g has agreed to share his untethered exploits with the Pwn Dev Team to add to the Ac1dsn0w application. If this tweet is to be believed, then you should be able to use Ac1dsn0w to jailbreak your devices just the way you use redsn0w’s untethered jailbreak.

What do you think about using Ac1dsn0w for your iDevice if the untethered jailbreak is implemented? Share your comments with us.

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