Upcoming Flash from Adobe can export to iPhone Apps!

Many companies regularly attempt to introduce new iPhone development tools, and some of these are widely used by many developers. However, to make great interfaces and to make the ways of developing iPhone Apps much easier, it often requires the companies to slightly violate a few of Apple’s rules, such as how open the Apps are supposed to be to interactive changes in the individual App. So there’ve always been a few problems…

But not any longer, because now Adobe has finally made a tool which has got some serious potential! First good thing is that it’s already used and pretty well known by many web and software developers around the world. Yeah, it’s Flash Professional CS5 and it’s coming far more powerful than ever, because now it has an option to export the entire Flash file to a native iPhone App. This means that every Flash mini-game, such as the well known Tetris and popular tower defense games, could arrive to the iPhone with a single click on “Export as iPhone App”, as it would then be compressed into an .ipa format, which is used by native iPhone Apps. And it reportedly works without violating any Apple and SDK requirements. As simple as making a Flash application, which only requires some knowledge in Actionscript, animations and graphics in general.

Adobe has already demonstrated 7 full featured applications, made with Flash Professional CS5, which have been accepted into the iTunes App Store and are for sale.

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