Upcoming LG tablet “better than iPad” says LG executive


LG vice president in an interview announced that the LG tablet will beat the iPad by allowing content creation. The Wall Street Journal reported that Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics’ mobile-devices unit, acknowledged Apple’s iPad as “a great device,” but claimed that the South Korean company’s first tablet, which is due out by the fourth quarter, will be better than it.

Ma, who says he doesn’t do much work on the iPad, believes that high-end productivity features and benefits will make the forthcoming LG device “surprisingly productive.” The tablet will focus on allowing users to create documents, programs and videos.

LG has also said that it has plans of launching 10 more smartphones by the end of the year in addition to the Android-based tablet device. LG has significantly increased spending on marketing and research and development of mobile devices. According to Ma, the mobile devices unit won’t be profitable until early next year, although he remains hopeful for a strong fourth quarter.

Via: Appleinsider.com

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