Apple Updates iBooks 2

iBooks 2 Updated

Last month, Apple had released iBooks, giving school students, easy access to textbooks on their iPad. Students all over United States must be thankful to Apple.

Now, iBooks is all set add more ease to academics. Apple has issued an update to iBooks 2 iOS application. The new update brings the software to Version 2.0.1. This update carries a fix for a major bug that prevented iBooks Textbooks from opening within the application.

Apple issued the following statement in its press release:

We’re aware of a small number of iBooks 2 users having issues with the playback of the introduction movies when opening iBooks textbooks. It will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update.

The problem started at the intro movie inside the textbooks and caused a failure to play. This left plenty of users unable to view the contents of the books. Kudos to Apple for quickly addressing this issue and bringing improved stability and software enhancements to iBooks 2.

The updated version of iBooks 2 is available here.

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