Update on iBeacon and Indoor Locations

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Virgin Atlantic Airline today announced the addition of Apple’s iBeacon technology into London’s Heathrow Airport. The airway will be procuring beacons from startup Estimote which will be installed in the airport to send customised messages, promotional offers and deals to the passengers. iBeacon will work in sync with Passbook app for iPhone to deliver this feature.

A Beacon is a small wireless device which is to be placed in a physical space and it broadcasts tiny radio signals to smart devices. Beacons enable exchange of data and information in a retail setup.

imagesVirgin’s head of business development James Shanahan said, ”The beacons are very good at providing us with information on who you are and where you are so one of the things we are looking to do is, on arrival to the clubhouse, we can greet you by name and because we know who you are we know what your favourite cocktail is and we can have one waiting at the bar as you walk on in”

The airway is taking technology-aligned initiatives every few weeks with the goal of making a smooth, inviting entry and exit for the passengers. Earlier this year they tested Google Glass, Sony smart watches followed by beacons now.

iBeacon has been deployed by several other business since 2013, Macy’s teamed up with Shopkick app to integrate the technology into its stores. Tesco shoppers in London might also get to enjoy iBeacon in the coming times.

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