Updated Air Display Would Support HiDPI OS X Mode On New iPad

Air Display for New iPad

Last month, there were various online reports about Avatron’s announcement of forthcoming support for the new iPad in its Air Display software that would allow users to add an iOS device as a wireless external monitor for their Mac.

With the new iPad’s Retina display running at 2048×1536, Air Display would be able to display a relatively large OS X desktop. However, this display will be at very small size.

No need to be disappointed! Avatron has been working to make Air Display compatible with the high-resolution “HiDPI” mode that has been quietly built into OS X. Apple has kept the HiDPI feature hidden by default due to an absence of any Macs with ultra high-resolution “Retina” displays that could have used it to significant effect.

Air Display allows users to set the new iPad as a 1024×768 HiDPI display, taking advantage of the device’s Retina display to display the high-resolution elements and text present in OS X Lion.

If you have Mac OS X Lion and a Retina iOS device, now you can turn on “HiDPI mode.” HiDPI is a built-in Mac OS X feature that makes UI elements render at double resolution. It’s absolutely stunning on a Retina display. By default, Mac OS X disables HiDPI because until now, there has been no Mac display with high enough resolution. Air Display on a new iPad, with its 2048×1536 264-dpi Retina display, finally brings HiDPI to life.

Mac Rumors noted that the feature worked very well without significant lag or compression visible when windows are still. When moving windows around the desktop, resolution is degraded as the app works to keep up with the on-screen movements, but for viewing relatively static content the app delivers “incredible image quality”.

Air Display is compatible with most Macs running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or later. Notably, late 2008 or mid-2009 15-inch MacBook Pro models (and early 2009 or mid-2009) 17-inch MacBook Pro models are not compatible with the Air Display Connect computer-side application when running OS X Lion.

Mac Rumors also noted that Apple’s work on HiDPI mode was becoming more visible in OS X Mountain Lion, with the beta version of Messages available for OS X Lion.

The updated version of Air Display is now available at App Store for $9.99. Click here to buy and download this app.

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Source: Mac Rumors

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