Updates on Backgrounder to make multitasking easier

With jailbreaking said to be legal now, almost everybody wants to jailbreak their phone, so we hear so much about it everyday. Its good news for all the 3G and 2G users as Backgrounder, the jailbreak app that brings multitasking to all, is due to receive an update – and a few new features are going to be added.

The update will give users the option to enable or disable fast app switching. If you decide to disable it, then apps which use VoIP, audio, or GPS will remain in the background – while others will close when you quit them. This is a great option for iPhone 3G and 2G users, as multitasking on these devices is not easy when you are using many apps.

Many improvements have been made to the application, which increase Backgrounder’s stability and make multitasking a more enjoyable experience. The ability to “fast app switch” system applications is also a new addition.

However the exact date of release of the application is not known as yet. A beta version is currently available, though for the best experience users are recommended to wait for a final release of this version of Backgrounder.

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