98% Users Satisfied With Their New iPad

New iPad Satisfaction

Some people are excited because they own the new iPad, while some people are disappointed to see the technical issues in the latest tablet from Apple.

It is important for Apple to know whether new iPad actually lives up to the expectations of users or whether it is all hype and no substance.Obviously a survey in this regard would have been helpful to Apple so that short coming, if any, of the new iPad could be noticed and done away with.

After all everybody likes a feedback for his work.

According to the survey by ChangeWave, 82% of iPad 3 users were “very satisfied” with their new iPad. On the other hand 16% of users were “somewhat satisfied”, by going more deeper they arose at a contradiction that only 2% of iPad users where somewhat unsatisfied. Hence, they receive a 98% of satisfaction from the new iPad users, which is for sure an amazing response.

New iPad dislikes

There were some recent reports regarding the negative publicity of the new iPad that it becomes red hot or the charging problem or say the 4G let technology issue where highlighted.ChangeWave made a pressed further on the heat issue, which was recently on the news that it became 116 degrees fahrenheit hot which is 12 degree hotter then the iPad 2. When enquired specifically about the overheating issue, the result received was hard to believe, 89% of users said that there was no problem, or say they haven’t noticed it. Not a single individual said that they received a big problem regarding this issue.

New iPad likes

According to the users, the best thing about the new iPad is the retina display of the new iPad. Yes, 75% users feel that the retina display is the best feature of the new iPad. 22% of them prefered to long battery life, 21% like the 4G LTE technology while 20% of them like the speed. 18% of them feel that 5 megapixel camera is the best thing about the new iPad.

The new iPad gets up warm under logical conditions, say if one is watching a movie of 3 hours and then immediately covers it and wraps it in a shell case, the slate would obviously get up heated as the battery dropped pretty fast and rather the machine got warm or say we can think of one more condition that if one keeps his/her iPad to sync with iTunes for 50GB+ memory, then its obvious that the iPad gets up warm. None of this would be sup rising for one with brain.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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