Using A Third-Party Remote To Control Your Apple TV [TUTORIAL]

Using Third-Party Remote To Control Apple TV

The remote control of Apple TV may look sleek but it has its limitations and it cannot do everything that you desire.

The tiny buttons on the awkward-shaped directional pad, often make it difficult to browse through iTune’s library that features thousands of movies and TV shows.

You can easily replace the remote with your iPhone by using Apple’s Remote app. But there is another option if you are not interested in Remote app.

You can control your Apple TV with a third-party remote. It is easy to set up.

If you have a universal remote, like one that came with your TV or cable/satellite box, you can use it to control your Apple TV. All you need to do is to perform these three easy steps to program it to run your Apple TV. If you ever misplace your Apple remote, you will have a backup ready to go.

STEP 1 – Turn on your Apple TV. Navigate to Settings > Remotes > Learn Remote.

STEP 2 – Select an unused device setting on your universal remote.

STEP 3 – Click Start on your Apple TV to start the remote learning process.

Done in three easy steps. The software on your Apple TV will guide you through a few simple button presses that will have your universal remote programmed in no time. You should remember that the Apple TV’s sensor is infrared. Therefore, you will need to point your remote directly at it for it to work.

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