Play Valentine Wishes And Win Cards For Your Valentine [REVIEW]

Valentine Wishes

In this high-tech world, many would feel that sending a greeting card to Valentine on Valentine’s Day would not be enough. That is why, now not just a greeting card, you also wish to send a beautiful e-card to your Valentine.

Now you would not need to waste time in surfing the net and look for greeting cards. Better spend that time enjoying a game.

That may sound crazy to you because you are not aware that if you play and win the game Valentine Wishes, you can win beautiful e-cards by unlocking them.

Valentine Wishes

Valentine Wishes is an innovative gaming extravaganza. Here as a player, you can compete in games to earn points which can be traded in for vibrant digital Valentine’s Day cards that you can send to someone you love. To unlock e-cards, your would compete in any one of the app’s four mini-games. The four games in the iPhone version of this app are Shoot It, Catch It, Tap It and Stop It. Playing these games, you unlock every possible romantic card, and spread the love!

The games in this unique Valentine’s Day adventure are addicting and these games would ensure if you are not interested in unlocking e-cards, you can have fun while playing it. iPhone version as well as iPad version of this app offer two awesome games – Shoot It and Catch it. Other two games are platform specific arcade adventures.

Valentine Wishes for iPhone offers Tap It, which is a multi-player game. Here two players compete to see who taps away every colored block on screen first. Another game is Stop It, where players have to tap hearts dropped on-screen by angels before they hit the ground.

Valentine Wishes

Meanwhile, the iPad version of this app gives the players, access to two games. One is Throw it, where they must shoot hearts and pin them to a sledge. Other game is Drop It. This game is a fast paced adventure where gamers have to catch hearts thrown into the water by mischievous angels by releasing boats below them that should catch the falling hearts in a nick of time.

Shoot It is real fun. This game would let you shoot heart shaped balloon before they fly away. In Catch It, you have to catch hearts dropped off by cupid and his friends before they hit the ground.

Valentine Wishes

Keep playing and rack up as many points as you can. These points would allow you to unlock one beautiful Valentine’s Day card after another. You can send these cards to your loved ones via e-mail.

If you find these games too hard and if you fail to unlock e-card, no problem. Valentine Wishes iPhone Version allows users to unlock all the cards that they want to use without playing. An in-app purchase is needed for that! Furthermore, if you have Valentine Wishes in your iPhone, then you can also create custom Photo cards right from your phone.

This game has beautiful graphics and most of the background is pink (giving the feel of a greeting card) and with beautiful animation. Thus, while playing the game, you would get the feel of looking at beautiful Valentine’s Day card.

Valentine Wishes is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 3.1 or later version.

This review has been written after Valentine Wishes being played on an iPhone. So this Valentine’s Day, you can just enjoy a game and then later on, you will send a card that your Valentine would have never seen before.

Click here to download Valentine Wishes.

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